The Acts of Human Kindness Group Focuses
on Promoting Benevolence
In this day and age, an act of benevolence goes a long way. With that said, several kind acts can uplift countless spirits, motivate others and empower people to treat their peers with compassion. Acts of Human Kindness Corp. established by Gregory Speier, promotes peace and kindness by encouraging members to practice altruism on a daily basis.    
  Acts of Human Kindness Corp. is a common interest group which is dedicated to promoting benevolence throughout society. Its mission is to motivate others to become more involved in acts of human kindness, and this purpose becomes increasingly enhanced as members continue to join and propose new methods of showing goodwill toward others. Acts Of Human Kindness Corp. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 Organization. We are a fast growing Organization and would like you to become a part of the cultural change in the world today.
There are millions of ways that we can all selflessly      
help one another, and make sunny days a bit brighter. Members of the common interest group discuss ways in which everyone can promote positivity on a daily basis.  
Discussions Include, But Are Not Limited To:
* Brightening a Prisoners Day - Discussion
Endorsing Attentiveness to Prisoners that could
be Uplifted through Words of Kindness
* Earthquakes, Tsunami & Natural Catastrophes -
Discussion Promoting Awareness of Everyone
who has Suffered from Previous Disasters, and
those who Continue to Endure Hardships at
the Hands of Nature
* Universal Compassion - Discussion      
Encouraging People to Be Kind Not Only to their      
Fellow Man, but to All Creatures      
* Footprints in the Sand - Discussion Motivating      
Group Members through the Powerful and Gentle      
Words of the Spiritual Poem      
* Being Independent - Discussion Showing How      
Mutual Dependence can Help Society      
A World Of Hope....It Begins With YOU !!!!